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Five of the Best Novels Set in Portugal

Night Train to Lisbon follows Raimund Gregorius, a Swiss Classics teacher, who stumbles upon a mysterious book by Portuguese author Amadeu de Prado.

Reversal of Housing Measures Promises Relief for Property Owners in Portugal

The newly formed Portuguese government has confirmed plans to repeal...

Portugal’s 2024 Election: What Now? The FAQs.

The 2024 Portuguese elections resulted in a historic shift in voter turnout and a highly fragmented parliament.

Exploring the Current Landscape of Portugal Politics

Portugal’s 2024 elections have ushered in a new era in the nation’s political history. With a surprising surge in voter turnout and the emergence...

The Return by Dulce Maria Cardoso

Overview:"The Return" captures the turbulent period following Portugal's Carnation Revolution, focusing on the experiences of Portuguese families returning from Angola in 1975. Through the...


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