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Five of the Best Novels Set in Portugal

Night Train to Lisbon follows Raimund Gregorius, a Swiss Classics teacher, who stumbles upon a mysterious book by Portuguese author Amadeu de Prado.

Three of The Very Best Algarve Golf Courses

The Algarve region stands out as a premier golfing destination, offering an impressive array of courses that cater to every golfer's preference.

KissFM: English Language Radio in The Algarve

Founded to bridge the language gap in the Algarve, KissFM provides a mix of contemporary hits...

Reversal of Housing Measures Promises Relief for Property Owners in Portugal

The newly formed Portuguese government has confirmed plans to repeal...

Leander Lost Returns to the Algarve in New “Lost in Fuseta” Series

Leander Lost, the distinctively sharp detective with a photographic memory, is captivating audiences once more.

Experience the Algarve’s Beautiful Ria Formosa

Formed in the 18th century by a significant oceanic earthquake, it has evolved into a dynamic ecosystem of saltwater marshes...


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