Reversal of Housing Measures Promises Relief for Property Owners in Portugal

The newly formed Portuguese government has confirmed plans to repeal...

Buying a Home in Lisbon: Steady Prices Amidst Challenges

Lisbon, the vibrant capital of Portugal, is experiencing a unique phase in its real estate market.

Living the Digital Nomad Life in Portugal: Tips and Tricks

Portugal introduced the Digital Nomad Visa in 2022, catering to remote workers, freelancers, and business owners...

The Ideal Set-up For Digital Nomads

Elevate your productivity and improve your appearance on video calls...

Why is Portugal so popular for Digital Nomads?

Life as a Digital Nomad in Portugal A Blend of...

Sustainability In Portugal

Portugal's commitment to sustainable architecture is evident in its innovative approach to eco-friendly design and construction.

Web Summit: How it’s Elevated Lisbon

In the heart of Lisbon, an annual event unfolds at the MEO Arena that has not only put Portugal on the global tech map but has also become a beacon of innovation, entrepreneurship, and networking.

Faro Council Extend Night-time Opening Hours

The Faro City Council has recently enacted new regulations concerning noise control and operating hours for local businesses

Cryptocurrency in Portugal: An Expat’s Guide

Portugal's initial reputation as a crypto-friendly haven drew investors and traders worldwide due to its formerly lenient tax policies.
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Bitcoin: The Mysterious Creation

The world of cryptocurrency can seem complex and confusing, especially if you're new to the concept. Let's break down the basics of Bitcoin, what cryptocurrency is all about, and why it's generating so much buzz.

Satoshi Nakamoto: The Phantom of Finance

In the world of digital currency, one name echoes through the corridors of cyberspace – Satoshi Nakamoto. The enigmatic figure behind the creation of Bitcoin, Satoshi is a ghost in the machine, a legend whispered among tech enthusiasts and financial speculators alike.


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