Leander Lost, the distinctively sharp detective with a photographic memory, is captivating audiences once more. Following the success of the initial series, which drew over 4.33 million viewers, Lost is embarking on a second adventure in the picturesque Algarve village of Fuseta. This new chapter, titled “Trail of Shadows,” premiered on April 4th and 6th at 8:15 p.m. on Das Erste.

It’s now available to watch here on ARD Mediathek and will probably air on Portuguese TV later this year.

Set against the backdrop of Portugal’s Algarve, a place close to the heart of the series’ creator and Grimme Prize-winning screenwriter, Holger Karsten Schmidt (known under the pseudonym Gil Ribeiro), the story unfolds with the disappearance of Lost’s colleague, Teresa Fiadeiro.

Commissioner Leander Lost of the Polícia Judiciária was transferred from Hamburg to the Portuguese fishing town of Fuseta as part of a Europol programme. In this second televised case he is confronted with the disappearance of his colleague Teresa, which is later linked to the police investigation in to the visit of an Angolan journalist.

With a mix of genres from hostage drama to political thriller and quirky comedy, this second outing offers a deeper look into Lost’s personal dilemmas and his views on love. A third series is scheduled to start filming in the Algarve in the spring of 2025, which is a welcome development for fans of the books, and TV viewers in Germany and Portugal.