In the sweltering backdrop of 1930s Lisbon, “Pereira Maintains” unfolds the story of Dr. Pereira, a journalist navigating the complexities of rising fascism. Through his interactions with the revolutionary Monteiro Rossi, Pereira is drawn into a journey of moral awakening, challenging his previously apolitical stance.

Antonio Tabucchi masterfully constructs a narrative that delves into themes of media power, conscience, and the essence of change, making it a profound exploration of resistance and integrity.

About the Author: António Tabucchi was an Italian writer and academic known for his deep connection to Portugal and his explorations of complex social and political themes.

Living in Portugal for many years, Tabucchi’s works often reflect his profound engagement with Portuguese culture and history. His narrative style blends existential questions with a deep humanism, marking him as one of the most influential European authors of his time.