In the heart-stirring landscapes of 1990s Lisbon, “Hunting Midnight” unfolds the journey of John Zarco, a Jewish American artist tormented by the shadows of his lineage. Seeking solace in the vibrant embrace of the city, Zarco embarks on a profound odyssey into the heart of his family’s veiled narratives,

Portugal’s intricate tapestry of Jewish persecution, and the healing power of unforeseen alliances. It’s a narrative that delves deep into the realms of personal history and collective memory, where the melancholic beauty of Lisbon serves not just as a backdrop but as a character in its own right, guiding Zarco towards reconciliation and redemption.

About the Author
Richard Zimler, an American novelist who has made Portugal his home since 1990, weaves stories that traverse the intricate landscapes of Jewish identity, historical echoes, and the universal quest for a place to belong.

His literary oeuvre, enriched by his profound connection to Portugal, includes critically acclaimed works such as “The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon,” “The Seventh Gate,” and “The Warsaw Anagrams.” Zimler’s writing, celebrated for its lyrical elegance and empathetic insight, invites readers into a world where history and imagination converge, revealing the enduring human spirit’s capacity for resilience and hope.

Hunting Midnight cover