Transformation of a Historic Space
República 14’s journey begins with the building itself. Once a grand residence, it embodies the rich architectural heritage of Olhão. Its careful restoration honors the original features while creating a versatile, welcoming space for the community to gather and enjoy creative experiences.

A Tapestry of Recent Events
República 14’s calendar pulsates with a wide range of offerings, showcasing their commitment to diverse programming. Here’s a glimpse into some recent highlights:

  • Musical Tapestry: Intimate concerts have featured everything from soulful Portuguese fado and lively Brazilian samba to energetic blues and captivating folk performances.
  • Art Beyond the Frame: Exhibitions have showcased local and international artists, from thought-provoking photography and paintings to mixed-media installations.
  • Community Connections: The space has hosted lively markets promoting local artisans, engaging workshops on topics like sustainable living and creative writing, and even spirited language exchange events.

The Heart of República 14
More than just a schedule of events, República 14 fosters a sense of community. The inviting cafe and bar create a space to linger, enjoy refreshments, and spark conversations with fellow patrons. This welcoming atmosphere extends beyond specific events, encouraging people to visit and connect.

Supporting the Cultural Pulse
If you appreciate República 14’s mission, consider becoming a member (sócio) and play a part in shaping Olhão’s cultural scene. Membership details can be found on their website.

República 14 Contacts & Location

  • Explore their Calendar: Visit the República 14 website ( or social media for their latest events schedule.
  • Getting There: República 14 is conveniently located at Avenida da República nº 14, 8700-310 Olhão, easily accessible on foot within the town or via public transportation.
  • Telephone: +351 910 513 614

Whether you’re a longtime resident or simply visiting the Algarve, República 14 promises to add a vibrant dimension to your Olhão experience