The enchanting Livraria Lello, with its neo-gothic and art nouveau elements, has long been rumored to be the inspiration behind the magical Hogwarts library in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. While Rowling has clarified that she had not visited the bookstore before writing the series, the similarities are striking and continue to draw fans from around the world.

During her time in Porto, Rowling taught English and was likely influenced by the city’s rich architectural heritage. The bookstore’s ornate winding central staircase, overhead stained glass windows, and classic wooden bookshelves resonate with the descriptions of Hogwarts, igniting imaginations about where the famous author might have drawn her inspiration from.

Whether or not Livraria Lello was the direct inspiration for Hogwarts, it has embraced the connection with open arms, becoming a pilgrimage site for Harry Potter enthusiasts and theres a few elements that highlight the bookstore’s magical allure:

  • The central wooden staircase, often likened to the moving staircases of Hogwarts.
  • Stained glass windows that cast a spellbinding light, reminiscent of the enchanted ceiling in the Great Hall.
  • Shelves upon shelves of books that evoke the vastness of the Hogwarts library.

Visitors to Livraria Lello can immerse themselves in this captivating atmosphere, and while there, they can explore an extensive collection of books, including those dedicated to the world of Harry Potter.

The Lello Bookstore in PortoThe bookstore even acquired a large-format edition of the first Harry Potter book for €70,000, further cementing its connection to the series.